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To inspire and disturb

A vision, a story, a brand

Abi from ShiftLabs gives her impressions of the Collaboration and Creativity event held at C4CC on 24th January 2012.

“In times of economic doom, and general gloom (it is January after all) it is inspiring to hear about alternatives to the current model of ‘finance capitalism’ – namely, the creative economy.”

Abi’s post in full

On Collaboration - Steve Lawson

“The future’s too complex to go it alone” – this quote from Toby Moores of Sleepydog and Amplified has become something of a mantra for me as the pace of change in pretty much every area of life accelerates. Read More

A residency at C4CC

James Andrew Wilson writes about his time at C4CC.
“When I first walked down Acton Street at the end of 2010 and saw a massive sign: ‘Centre for Creative Collaboration’, I thought, ‘That’s me’.”
Read his guest blogpost A residency…

Queer, The Space

‘Queer, The Space’ is a project inspired by the work of such queer theorists as Sara Ahmed (Queer Phenomenology) and Judith Halberstam (In a Queer Time and Place). It brings together artists, academics, activists, performers, and writers in one space, the c4cc, to engage with the questions of spatiality and orientation.

The resulting collaborative works will be presented at a final event to take place in May 2012, and are necessarily unpredictable; they may take the form of text, image, sound, or performance, or a combination of these forms.

We’re working closely with Emily Jeremiah of RHUL, Sarah Barnsley of Goldsmiths and a network of their collaborators and co-conspirators!

London #OpenData Meet-up

We host the London ‘desk’ of tne Open Knowledge Foundation and regular meetups for those interested in getting involved with open data communities in the city. All interested participants are welcome to attend.

We discuss ideas, opportunities and future event possibilities. Click on the picture to go to the Eventbrite page.

Before the full meeting, is normally a pre-meet for a smaller group of data wranglers and programmers affiliated with the OKFN.

The Thursday Club

The Thursday Club is an open forum discussion group for anyone interested in the theories and practices of cross-disciplinarity, interactivity, technologies and philosophies of the state-of-the-art in today’s (and
tomorrow’s) cultural landscape(s).

The Club is supported by the Goldsmiths Digital Studios (GDS) and the Goldsmiths Graduate School.

In addition to worldwide online activity there are regular meetings in ‘real’ space at the Ben Pimlott site of Goldsmiths, University of London. Anyone can attend these events, providing a platform for diverse and open ended discourse, for people who perhaps would not have the opportunity to discuss ideas outside of their chosen discipline.

C4CC is collaborating with the Thursday Club, we have hosted a meeting of the Club at Acton Street and encourage our resident projects to attend events at Goldsmiths.

The Thursday Club is convened by Prof. Janis Jeffries and you can see more information on the Board and The Call for Proposals on the Thursday Club website.