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The earth-ly project is an online-offline network, designed to create ‘earth intelligence’ through a web-mobile environmental-social network, with user inputs, open data, and emergent data collated to individuals and groups on a county by county basis throughout the UK and potentially abroad. The project is innovative because it will include Ecosystems collaborators on an equal footing with the more usual constellation of Design, Web Development and Business collaborators.

Open Knowledge Foundation


A not-for-profit organisation promoting open knowledge: any kind of data and content – sonnets to statistics, genes to geodata – that can be freely used, reused, and redistributed. We host the London desk of OKFN and support their projects and events.

Acton Street Designs - Debbie Davies


Debbie Davies is an Artist and Collaborator in Residence. She brings her expertise in media, management and she "gets things done!". She combines her own practice with work on the London Creative and Digital Fusion project. Her work includes fashion, electronics and film-making. Due to her love of all that lights up she has fallen in love with the Burning Man Festival and is hoping to exhibit her first sculpture there this year, 2013 - Cargo Cult and is applying for a PhD at Queen Mary on the MAT programme starting 2014.



Nadia Ricketts uses lots of different sounds and genres of music and incorporates them into textiles, as well as researching new processes such as 3D printing, digital printing, foil printing and jacquard weaving. She's developing a business plan looking for designers/artists and software coders for future collaborations.

Beyond the Global City


‘Beyond the Global City: Visual, Verbal and Virtual Experiences’ is the third in a series of colloquia organised by the interdisciplinary ‘Global Cities and Visual Culture’ research group. (Photo: James C Kent)

The Brown Sign Way


The Brown Sign Way is about how we experience the world around us, encouraging people to notice the unnoticed and taking the time to discover Britian's amazingly rich history, culture and geography through the important people and places that our brown signs point to. Amanda Hone is looking for collaborators to help build the concept.



Our event is called TEDxActonStreet, where x = independently organized TED event. At our TEDxActonStreet event, TEDTalks video and live speakers will combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events, including ours, are self-organized.

Kings Cross Social Media Surgery


Practical hands-on advice for putting social technology into action for your cause, to help you reach a wider audience and promote the good work you do. No boring speeches, no jargon. If you're at all curious, come along.



TIME/IMAGE is a creative film archive consultancy, promoting and helping to provide access to this rich resource of heritage in a digital age. TIME/IMAGE is a new digital business, born out of a collaboration and now based at C4CC

SJC Productions


SJC Productions, supported by StageOne and C4CC, specialises in developing, managing and producing medium scale theatre and events. SJC focuses on helping emerging young artists get their productions on stage and in to the public eye during financially restrictive times.



An ethical fashion collaboration trading in high quality clothing, embroidered by hand and manufactured carefully, respecting people and our planet.

The New Producers Hub


A collaboration between Stage One, Central School of Speech and Drama (CSSD) and C4CC developing new talent for commercial theatre production.



Minimoko is a small (because good things come in small packages) multidisciplinary creative team which are passionate about branding, designing experiences and the power of simplicity. Minimoko is collaborating with projects in C4CC; and supporting the work of the Centre.

Open Plaques at c4cc


After more than a year of operation Open Plaques ran an Open Space workshop at C4CC to review progress. Open Plaques has gone from being a pet project and quick hack to a web service containing the most comprehensive listing over 2,500 heritage plaques. The Open Day encouraged thinking about future directions.

Pavegen Systems


Paving slabs that generate green energy from footsteps - Pavegen is collaborating with innovative projects at C4CC.

Live Media FLOSS Extended Production Seminary


In-depth Theoretical and practical audiovisual live performance seminary using FLOSS. Pure Data audiovisual real-time processing, tricks and tips to create your own performance tool.



DériveLab: Project 2 negotiates a space for social and topographical experimentation as situational interactivity, or urban dérive, 'drift', 'drifting'. Accoustic sounds, sonic frequencies, film, photography, digital interactivity, kinetic media, performance, performative texts and dialogue will all be experimented with during this Lab project.

Asian Performing Arts Forum


The Asian Performing Arts Forum, a strategic partnership and collaboration, was founded in June 2010 by Matthew Isaac Cohen from Royal Holloway, Avanthi Meduri from Roehampton University and Ashely Thorpe from the University of Reading. The Forum brings together academics and community members to discuss the performing arts of Asia as practiced and theorised internationally to generate and support new research, disseminate the work of UK and international researchers and exchange knowledge between the arts industry, practitioners and academia.

The Faerie Queene Now


A poem of militant Protestantism contemporary with the original establishment of the national church, Spenser's poem, "The Faerie Queene", today seems remote from mainstream secular society. ‘The Faerie Queene Now’ responds by remaking religious poetry for today's world. It speaks to where we have come from and where we are going by exploring Spenser's foundational poem in various present-day religious, educational and cultural contexts. But it also aims to recreate and refunction Spenser's epic as a positive contribution to contemporary life.

Amplifying the launch of c4cc


We commissioned the social enterprise Amplified to work with us on the social media coverage of our launch event. We had 100 people at the event. Hear the Audioboo, watch the video and hear and see the views of our guests.

A Mad[s]Collective


"We have moved into C4CC with an installation that highlights our higher objective of turning the world upside down. This approach has plants hanging from the ceiling, but facing downwards. allies metaphorically with our vision of growing and developing in different ways and altering people’s perspectives along the way."

Visitors Book


Tell us what you think - we need to know. Comments are moderated but only so we can make sure we get the legal stuff right. Straight feedback is what we want and need.

Prototype for a Spatialised Instrument


The project is a flexible, sonic architecture that explores and questions the relationships between instrument, player, composer, audience and location. It is a musical instrument, an event, an installation and a sonic landscape. It's unique and a demonstration of collaboration in action.

Concrete Solutions CIC


Concrete Solutions is a startup Community Interest Company. Concrete Solutions bridges gaps. Gaps on the one-hand between the streets, the communities, the people; and on the other, the organisations – public and voluntary – that exist to serve them, but who are not always able to reach them effectively.

perFORM an innovative event space collaboration


Working with Unit 23 of the Bartlett School of Architecture and the Central School of Speech and Drama, the team at c4cc is helping to facilitate and support the creative and commercialisation process. Read more in the blog.

The Tuttle Club


Every Friday, c4cc hosts the Tuttle; a lively meeting of coffee and conversation. We are working closely with Lloyd Davis, the founder of Tuttle, who is Social Artist in Residence at c4cc.

Creative Collaboration Channel


Documenting activity at c4cc using our own 'TV' channel. You'll find lots of video content hosted on our Vimeo channel.

Building the C4CC website


We put together a team of web geeks, social media people and C4CC bods to build the website in a day. We used this Posterous site to document the process with photos, videos, audio interviews and blogs.

C4CC Blog


This is the original posterous blog of the Centre for Creative Collaboration. It documents the beginnings of the centre and the first projects that took place. We continue to use it, now as a more conventional blog